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Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality (Institute for Policy Studies, 2013; major revision May 2014); e-book at www.
Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the Fate of the American City (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008; paperback 2009), 272pp
Dead on Arrival: The Politics of Health Care in Twentieth Century America (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2003 (paperback edition, January 2005), 316pp.
New Deals: Business, Labor, and Politics in America, 1920-1935 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994), 329pp (paperback 1994 as well).

Major Problems in American History, 1920-1945: Document and Essays (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1999; revised edition 2010), 451pp.

Digital Projects
Digital Johnson County.  Interactive mapping website, developed in cooperation with University of Iowa Libraries, Office of State Archeologist, and DNR.  Research Assistance from Cody Hodson. Launched April 2013
The Telltale Chart. Animated graphs and maps, illustrating American economic and demographic trends. Launched November 2011.
Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City. Interactive mapping website, developed in cooperation Harvard’s WorldMap project. Launched December 2011.
Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City. Interactive mapping website, developed in cooperation with the University of Iowa Libraries. Launched October 2010.

Refereed Articles 
“Making Ferguson: Segregation and Uneven Development in Greater St. Louis,” in Kimberly Norwood (ed), Ferguson Fault Lines (American Bar Association, 2016).
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A Poisonous Past,” Reviews in American History (December 2003), 611-14.
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and Society 27:4 (December 1999), 557-581; also published by University of Washington Labor Center, Working Paper #8 (March 1999).
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Legal Consulting and Research
Race and Citizenship in Meacham Park,” In Re: Kevin Johnson, A Report to the Death Penalty Litigation Clinic, Kansas City MO  (survey of neighborhood conditions in petitioner’s neighborhood), 58 pages, 1 figures, 14 maps (April 2016).
North St. Louis Neighborhood Analysis,” In re Franklin Davis, A Report to Office of Capital & Forensic Writs, Austin, TX (survey of neighborhood conditions in petitioner’s neighborhood), 78 pages, 2 figures, 40 maps (March 2016).
Segregation and Uneven Development in Greater St. Louis, St. Louis County, and the Ferguson-Florissant School District,” Expert Report submitted on behalf of plaintiffs in Missouri State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Redditt Hudson, F. Willis Johnson, and Doris Bailey v. Ferguson-Florissant School District and St. Louis County Board of Elections Commissioners, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Civ. No. 14-2077 (2015).
Brief of Health Care Policy History Scholars as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners,” King v Burwell, US Supreme Court 14-114 (2015) (just signatory).
Brief of Health Care Policy History Scholars as Amici Curiae in Support of Petitioners,” USDHS v Florida, US Supreme Court 11-398 (2011) (just signatory).
North St. Louis Neighborhood Analysis,” A Report to Capital Habeas Unit Federal Community Defender Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, BILLIE ALLEN v UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (survey of neighborhood conditions in petitioner’s neighborhood), 79 pages, 3 figures, 41 maps (2010).
Brief Amici Curiae of Twelve University Professors and the Center for a New Democracy” New Party v. Timmons [Supreme Court case deciding validity of state prohibitions on electoral fusion or multi-party nomination] August 1996“ (author and co-signor)

Other Articles
Them That Has, Gets, Dissent (November 2017)
Police Murders are the Tip of the Iceberg, Dissent (September 2017)
Deeds of Mistrust, History Happens Here (Missouri History Museum), May 2017
A Brief History of American Health Care, Jacobin (July 2017)
Democracy’s Critics, Jacobin (June 2017)
(with Clarissa Hayward) The Murder of Michael Brown, Jacobin (August 2016)
“My Life as a Wonk,” in McKerley, Deslippe, and Slocum (eds), Civic Labors: Scholar Activism and Working Class Studies (Illinois, 2016)
Ferguson, One Year LaterGeorgetown Public Policy Review (September 2015)
Declining Cities, Declining Unions: Urban Sprawl and US Inequality, Dissent (December 2014)
Segregation’s Long Shadow, Dissent (October 2014)
Beyond Our Inequality: Policy Blueprints for the Twenty-First Century, Dissent (May 2014)
Choosing Unemployment: Macroeconomic Policy and American Inequality, Dissent (May 2014)
Fatter Cats: Executive Pay and American Inequality, Dissent (May 2014)
Wolves of Wall Street: Financialization and American InequalityDissent (April 2014, online); reprinted in Truthout (April 23, 2014)
The Computer Did It? Technology and InequalityDissent (Spring 2014).
Who Pays: Taxes and American Inequality,  Dissent (April 2014, online)
A Tattered Safety Net: Social Policy and American InequalityDissent (April 2014, online)
The Perils of Private Welfare: Job-Based Benefits and American Inequality, Dissent (March 2014, online)
Bare Minimum: Labor Standards and American InequalityDissent (March 2014, online)
The Union Difference: Labor and American Inequality, Dissent (March 2014, online)
Our Inequality: An IntroductionDissent (March 2014, online)
The Irony and Limits of the Affordable Care ActDissent (October 2013, online)
Defending the Top One Percent–And Failing At It, (July 2013)
Revenue Blues: The Case for Higher TaxesDissent, June 2013
The Lost City of Solidarity, Dissent (April 2013)
(with Donald Cohen), Do America’s Corporations Care How Much American Workers Earn? Dissent (August 30, 2012); also published in Huffington Post and Truthout
(with John Schmitt), What’s So Bold about $9.00/hour? Benchmarking the Minimum Wage, Dissent  (March 2013)
(with Steve Herzenberg), “Bill Clinton Was Right That Dems Create More Jobs: The Manufacturing Jobs Score, 1948-2011Alternet (September 18, 2012); cross-posted at Huffington Post (September 20, 2012).

Policy Research
Stolen Chances: Precarious Work and Wage Theft in Iowa (Iowa Policy Project, March 2015)
The State of Working Iowa, 2014 (Iowa Policy Project, September 2014)
Keep High Quality in High Quality Jobs (Iowa Policy Project Backgrounder, February 2014)
The Rich Get Richer: Top Incomes in Iowa, 1917-2011 (Iowa Policy Project, February 2014)
Iowa follows U.S. patterns on loss of employer-sponsored coverage (Iowa Policy Project, November 2013)
Counting Jobs: A Primer (Iowa Policy Project, November 2013)
The State of Working Iowa, 2013 (Iowa Policy Project, September 2013)
The State of Working Iowa, 2012 (Iowa Policy Project, December 2012)
(with Robin Clark-Bennett, Jen Sherer, and Matthew Glasson)Wage Theft in Iowa (Iowa Policy Project, August 2012)
(with Andrew Cannon, Peter Fisher, and Noga O’Connor), Fending for Themselves: Nonstandard Workers, Health Insurance Coverage and the Labor Market (Iowa Policy Project, October 2011), Department of Labor funded study, 59pp.
(with Noga O’Connor), The State of Working Iowa, 2011 (Iowa Policy Project, September 2011), 25pp.
Not Your Father’s Health Insurance: Discount Medical Plans and the American Health Crisis (Iowa Policy Project, December 2010); Department of Labor funded study, 15pp.
(with Christine Ralston) The State of Working Iowa, 2009 (Iowa Policy Project, 2009)
(with Christine Ralston) Wage and Benefit Standards: An Analysis of Proposed Changes to the Iowa Values Fund (Iowa Policy Project, 2009), 14pp.
(with Beth Pearson), Young Workers and the Iowa Economy (Iowa Policy Project, 2008), 8pp.
(with Beth Pearson), Women, Work, and Iowa Economy (Iowa Policy Project, 2008), 13pp.
(with Beth Pearson), The State of Working Iowa, 2008 (Iowa Policy Project, 2008), 12pp
EZ Money: Assessing Iowa’s Enterprise Zone Program (Iowa Policy Project, 2008), 18pp
(with Elaine Ditsler and Jevon Europe), The State of Working Iowa, 2007 (Iowa Policy Project, 2007), 32pp
Prescriptions and Placebos: Health Reform in Iowa (Iowa Policy Project, 2006), 28pp.
(with Elaine Ditsler), No Picnic: The State of Working Iowa: 2006 (Iowa Policy Project, 2006), 10pp
(with Peter Fisher, David West, and Elaine Ditsler), Nonstandard Jobs, Substandard Benefits (Iowa Policy Project, 2005), 52pp
(with Elaine Ditsler and Peter Fisher), On the Fringe: The Substandard Benefits of Workers in Part-Time, Temporary, and Contract Jobs (The Commonwealth Fund, 2005), 32pp
(with Elaine Ditsler and Peter Fisher), The State of Working Iowa, 2005 (Iowa Policy Project, 2005), 46pp
Working Blues: Labor Day in Iowa, 2004 (Iowa Policy Project, 2004), 7pp
Bending the Rules: The Promise and Practice of the Grow Iowa Values Fund (Iowa Policy Project, 2004), 18pp
(with Peter Fisher) The State of Working Iowa, 2003 (Iowa Policy Project), 56pp
(with Peter Fisher) The State of Working Iowa, 2001 (Iowa Policy Project), 63pp

Short Articles and Posts
Police Murders are the Tip of the IcebergDissent (September 2017)
What’s the Matter With Iowa? Dissent (March 2017)
Triumph of the One PercentDissent (December 2016)
Red Lines, Black LivesDissent (October 2016)
Right to Work (For Less): By the NumbersDissent (May 2016)
Ferguson Digs in its Heels, Dissent (February 2016)
The Pension Pinch, Dissent (November 2015)
Ferguson Revisited, Dissent (August 2015)
JP Morgan Sounds the Alarm on InequalityDissent  (May 22, 2015)
Minimum Wage Hits the Bulls Eye, Working Economics (May 4, 2015)
Border City Blues, Dissent (May 2, 2015)
How Racism Became Policy in Ferguson, Dissent (March 5, 2015)
The Segregation Index, Dissent (Winter 2015)
The Making of Ferguson, Dissent  (August 2014)
What this Months Job Report Doesn’t Tell Us, Dissent blog (June 2014)
The Wage Crunch in Perspective, Dissent blog (June 2014)
Piketty in One Graph (Center For Economic and Policy Research, Graphic Economics, May 2014)
Employment Change by State and Sector, 1995-2014 (Center for Economic and Policy Research, April 2014)
The United States of Inequality, Dissent (March 2014)
Mapping Inequality, Working Economics (February 2014)
Inequality in the StatesWorking Economics (February 2014)
Jim Crow for the JoblessDissent (January 2014)
Two Cheers and Two Cautions for the Jobs ReportDissent (December 2013)
Beyond SeaTac: Movement on the Minimum Wage? Dissent (November 2013)
Social Security by the NumbersDissent  (November 2013)
Strangled by the Purse Strings: Austerity After the ShutdownDissent (October 2013)
Union Membership and The Income Share of the Top Ten PercentWorking Economics (EPI), October 2013
Growing Together, Growing ApartWorking Economics (EPI), October 2013
Fargo or Bust: The State Income NumbersDissent (September 2013)
The Top One Percent Income Share (annotated), CEPR (September 2013)
Behind the Income NumbersDissent (September 2013)
McRecovery: The Troubling New Jobs Report, Dissent  (September 2013)
Labor Day Blues, Dissent (September 2013)
States of Recession (Center for Economic and Policy Research, August 2013)
Mind the GapDissent (August 2013)
ALEC in PlunderlandDissent (July 2013)
Unemployment and Its SymptomsDissent (July 2013)
Three Reasons Not to Get Too Excited about the Latest Jobs ReportDissent (July 2013)
The Great Barbecue Revisited, Dissent (June 2013)
Wage Growth and Unemployment in the States (CEPR, June 2013)
How the Rich Got RicherDissent (June 2013)
Inflation, the Friendly Ghost, Dissent (May 2013)
The Austerity Follies, Dissent (May 2013)
From Bad Jobs to Good Jobs, Dissent (May 2013)
How the Density of Your County Affects How You VoteAtlantic Cities (April 2013)
The Arc of InequalityDissent (March 2013)
US Health Care is Still Bad (and Expensive), Dissent  (February 2013)
A Bad Year For UnionsDissent (January 2013)
A Jobless Recovery, Dissent (January 2013)
Back to Full Employment (Center for Economic and Policy Research), January 2103
Unemployment Numbers: The Long ViewDissent (January 2013)
Iowa View: Counting job gains while excluding losses is wrong, Des Moines Register (January 15, 2013)
The Folly of Right to WorkDissent  (December 2012)
The Good Jobs DeficitDissent (December 2012)
Better Pizza, Bitter PoliticsDissent (November 2012).
(with Steve Herzenberg)The Manufacturing Jobs Score, 1949-2011 (Keystone Research Center, October 2012)
(with Larry Mishel), Real Hourly Wage Growth: The Last Generation, Working Economics (Economic Policy Institute), October 10, 2012
Growing Together, Growing Apart: Income Growth since 1948 (Center for Economic and Policy Research, September 2012)
Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone? (Center for Economic and Policy Research, August 2012)
Union Decline and Rising Inequality in Two Charts, Working Economics (Economic Policy Institute), June 2012
(with Ross Eisenberry), As Unions Decline Inequality Rises, Economic Policy Institute Economic Snapshot (June 2012)
Effective Government Would Neutralize Tea Party, History News Network (November 2010)
Hands off My Medicare! The Deadly Legacy of Social Insurance, distributed by History News Service, appearing in LA Progressive (9/01/10)
New Deal Succeeded When FDR Invested in the U.S.” Casper [WY] Tribune (November 9, 2009)
We’ve Been Here Before: History and Health Reform,” Princeton University Press Blog (September 2009); cross-posted at History News Network
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Data Visualizations
Unions and Shared Prosperity,” in American Enterprise, Smithsonian (Permanent Exhibit)
United States, Change in Income 1988-2008,” for NPR’s Planet Money (August 2014)
“Growing Apart: American Income Inequality, 1947-2012,” in Andrew Sayer, We Can’t Afford the Rich (Polity, forthcoming)
“Unions and Inequality in the OECD,” In Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, “Reducing Inequality through Economic Democracy,Progressive Economy Journal (2014)
“HOLC Map of St. Louis, 1943” in Richard Green, The Legacy Of Lending Discrimination Against African-Americans, Forbes (November 2013)
“Unions and Shared Prosperity” (Fig 9, p35) in Sara White, Greener Reality: Jobs, Skills, and Equity in the US Economy (Center on Wisconsin Strategy, 2012)